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Testimonial :  "I have spent almost two years sleeping on your cots (in skiffs off the So.Cal Coast)....and they are superior to anything else,,,Brad, LA Cal.
Extra Comfortable:  Roll-a-Cot's exclusive "top tensioning system" allows firmness adjustment with a twist of a wing nut.  And because there are not end bars, you will enjoy Roll-a-Cot's firm comfort without banging your head or feet. 
Strong and Portable:  Roll-a-Cot's exclusive "3 tube side rail system" includes a third tube in each sleeve that "telescopes" the other tubes together for strength and portability.  This "3 tube system" is so strong that Roll-a-Cot needs only two leg frames, making it the most portable cot too!
HIGHEST QUALITY AND MADE IN THE USA:  Aluminum frame is high strength alloy 6005A-T61.  The fabric is a heavy duty 1000 denier polyester mesh that is strong and breathable.  Hardware is grade 5 steel and Camp Time® manufacturers all its products in Spokane Wa.
SPECIFICATIONS:   Three sizes to meet your needs:  Standard Roll-a-Cot = 74"x28"x15" erect, 37"x5"dia rolled, 250 lb capacity, 10 lbs weight.   Wide Roll-a-Cot = 74"x32"x15" erect, 37"x5"dia rolled, 250lb capacity, 10 lbs weight.  Long&Wide Roll-a-Cot= 84"x32"x15" erect, 42"x6" rolled, 250 lb capacity, 13 lbs weight.  All are Royal Blue and aluminum frames.   Patent #5109556





Fast & Easy Assembly! 


Roll-a-Cot® Assembly Instructions:


1)  Remove the cot from its carry-pouch by pulling either end of the pouch down and sliding the cot out of its carry pouch. 

2)  Fold the cot top open and spread it flat on the ground.  Notice that the center of the cot rails (contained within the sleeves of the mesh) are to be connected together with "slider tubes" as shown in the diagram and the pictures below.  

3)  While holding each end of the cot rails, slide & twist the "slider tubes" to telescope the side rails together and expose all 4 leg mounting holes.   (In warm weather, you can telescope the side rails together by hanging the cot vertically and shaking the slider-tubes across their junction using gravity).   

3)  Open the leg frames and install them into their rail mounting holes as shown on the diagram.. 

4)  Use the "hook loop" tape to secure the cot frames to the rails and to attach the "carry pouch" to the cot for storage of night items like water and flashlight.  

5)  For your sleeping comfort, adjust the wing nuts to desired firmness and use a pad to insulate on cool nights. 


 The grey area represents the "slider tubes" in their fabric sleeves.

Push & Slide & Twist the "slider tubes" across the center to connect the side rails together.   

Slide the "slider tubes" until all 4 leg mounting holes are exposed. 

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